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Rubber Washer

Rico manufactures Rubber Washers in various Elastomers for Plumbing,Sanitary, Hardware and endless other applications.We offer Moulded Rubber Washers or Lathe Cut Rubber Washers depending on Size and Quantity.

Rubber Washers are of a very simple geometry, mainly Square or Rectangular Section. They are defined by three dimensions viz. Inner Diameter x Outer Diameter x Axial Height (Thickness/Width)

Rubber Washers can be offered in homogeneous Rubber or bonded with Metals in very close tolerances and as per customer drawings.

A rubber washer is a flat, circular, or ring-shaped device made from rubber or elastomeric materials, and it serves as a sealing or cushioning component in various applications. Rubber washers are commonly used to create a seal or provide insulation, vibration dampening, or protection against damage in mechanical assemblies, plumbing fixtures, and other equipment.

Here are some common uses and functions of rubber washers:

Sealing: Rubber washers are often used to create a watertight or airtight seal between two surfaces. They are placed between the fastener (such as a nut or bolt) and the surface to prevent the leakage of fluids or gases. This is common in plumbing applications, such as faucets and hose connections, and in automotive components.

Vibration Dampening: Rubber washers can help reduce the transmission of vibrations and noise in machinery and equipment. They act as a cushion or shock absorber to isolate components and reduce the impact of vibrations.

Insulation: Rubber washers are used as electrical insulators in some applications, such as isolating metal components from electrical currents to prevent short circuits or as spacers in electrical installations.

Protection: Rubber washers can be used to protect surfaces or components from damage caused by friction, pressure, or impact. For example, they are often used in furniture to protect floors from scratches caused by moving or sliding furniture legs.

Rubber washers come in various sizes and shapes, with the most common being flat washers and O-ring washers. The choice of rubber material depends on the specific application and the environmental conditions. Common rubber materials used for washers include neoprene, nitrile rubber (NBR), silicone rubber (VMQ), EPDM rubber, and natural rubber. The material's properties, such as resistance to temperature, chemicals, and UV exposure, play a crucial role in selecting the right rubber washer for the job.

The use of rubber washers is widespread in both domestic and industrial applications, and they are valued for their ability to provide effective sealing and protection while being relatively inexpensive and easy to install


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